About us.

InboxLaw’s mission is to provide high quality legal documents and content for our clients in Canada and the United States, allowing small law firms and sole practitioners to delegate work necessary to run their practices, saving them stress, time, and valuable resources. Helping you keep a clear inbox!

While larger law firms can allocate ample resources to legal research and writing, small and mid level firms often can’t afford this luxury. At InboxLaw, we give much needed relief to lawyers who are hard pressed to find the time for these foundational elements.

InboxLaw provides legal research and writing in virtually every area of law and will meet with you to fully understand your legal needs. On a task-by-task basis, InboxLaw will work with you to complete your legal requirements quickly and efficiently, ensuring that we meet and exceed your standards.

InboxLaw is bound by the rules of professional ethics, and all information provided to InboxLaw will remain in strict confidence.

How it works:

  1. Contact InboxLaw for a free Zoom or telephone consultation.
  2. Based on your specific needs and deadlines, InboxLaw will provide a quote using hourly rate or flat fee.
  3. You’ll get unlimited online or telephone meetings/progress reports until task or project is completed.
  4. We allow unlimited revisions to ensure a perfect legal document.

More about Caitlin

Caitlin is passionate about human and animal rights and is a passionate animal lover.

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