Legal Research

The strength of lawyers does not lie in their knowledge of law, but in their abilities to find relevant law and bring it in line with their objectives.

Effective legal research is an indispensable asset for legal professionals, but it can take significant time to look into a matter closely and carefully to recover the information necessary to support a legal decision. At InboxLaw, we will help you understand and solve complex legal issues and provide complete answers.

Based on information provided, we will analyze the relevant facts and frame your legal issues to assess what we need to know and what we need to learn.

Using online search tools, we will generate potential search terms to find landmark cases governing the issues in question, as well as primary authority that is both relevant and binding, and still good law. We will assess legislation, regulations, and legislative history to find all the latest information from the field.

After identifying and retrieving the necessary information, we will apply and communicate the results, with an in depth analysis of legal principles and arguments with your case specific facts.

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